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Quirky Quirkerson

I think Harry Connick, Jr. is adorably divine.

I love dill pickle flavored potato chips.

My favorite hairspray is Kenra # 25.  Nothing else even comes close…

I always use two capfuls of fabric softener in every load of laundry.

I’m rarely without a glass full of ice water, complete with a straw.

I’m not a big fan of the “is it natptime/bedtime yet” mom…but some days, I’m that mom.

Caffeine free Dr. Pepper (shipped in from Texas) has been my sneaky little treat this pregnancy.

Our family only eats chicken on occasion and usually it’s when we go out to eat.  We’re beef eaters ’round these parts!

Some days, small town America drives me insane.  Yesterday was one of those days – thank you, Holyoke.

I’m so sad about the Super Bowl this year because I just can’t bring myself to cheer for either team.  Cheaters or thugs…how do you pick?!

I get more headaches than any person I know and I can’t wait to take Advil again.

I don’t like having lots of emails or lots of texts or lots of pictures cluttering up my phone.  I’m a deleting machine!

I love to bargain shop and 95% of the kids’ clothes come from either the thrift store, hand me downs or from super clearance sales at The Children’s Place or Crazy 8.  I don’t like paying over $3 for a shirt or $6 for a pair of pants and I refuse to pay for shipping.

Today is Fun Friday, I’ve finally caught the cold that the rest of the family has and I’m not feeling very fun.  Here’s to hoping for a good day without a lot of fuss!





Everything’s Better Together

My sweet husband called about two yesterday afternoon and asked me to get a little overnight bag together for everyone.  We don’t have the cable and the college championship game was going to be on ESPN and he wanted to make sure we got to watch it, so he reserved us a hotel room in Nebraska.  He thought we could go swimming, watch the game…just make a fun little night away.  Seriously, how sweet is THAT?!

So off we went!  The kids were pumped, as was I.  At supper, Sawyer mentioned her stomach was hurting but she seemed ok, so we didn’t think a whole lot about it.

Then we got to the hotel and found out that the pool was empty due to renovations…even though I heard W ask on the phone if they had pool and all they said was, “Yes.”  The only other hotel in town with a pool was undergoing renovations as well, so we had to stay put.  Our little sweeties had great attitudes so we just tried to have some fun in the hotel room.

Let's "watch" the game!

Let’s “watch” the game!

This is more like it...

This is more like it…

Cooling off in the fridge after some rambunctiousness...

Cooling off in the fridge after some rambunctiousness…

The game was fun to watch…even though I was rooting for the Ducks!  (Are you surprised they lost?!  HAHA  After my weekend, I was not.  ;)  )

We finally got everyone to bed and sweet Sawyer woke up about one…throwing up.  I guess her tummy really was hurting…  We were up with her until about four and then back up at seven.  She’s feeling better now, praise the Lord.  We’re all just a little tired.

I felt so bad for Wrexy because it felt like our little excursion was a bust.  He’s such a hard-working, selfless husband and dad…I just wanted it to be perfect for him and he wanted it to be perfect for us.  And it was…because we were TOGETHER.

Random Rambles

This weekend was filled with a lot of sorry football.  Sigh.  I get so excited for the playoffs – especially when we’re a part of them – and I attempt to really relish the last couple of games before we say goodbye for 6 months…

I was just sorely disappointed this weekend.  Four times over.  The Patriots won (not a fan), the Seahawks won (not a fan).  The Cowboys lost and our Broncos forgot to show up for the game.  Sad, sad days.

My little football fan made the weekend better just by being her.  I love her enthusiasm; it’s contagious!

The best part of the game, hands down...

The best part of the game, hands down…

Sayble rooting on the Bronco's, compliments of the husband's stellar photography.  :)

Sayble rooting on the Bronco’s, compliments of the husband’s stellar photography. :)

Alas, there will be more football games to watch and I haven’t really thought about it again until I started this blog post.  Must mean there are more important things in life…can you believe it?  ;)


I’m loving the Bible study I told you about earlier last week.  I love dissecting a simple Scripture and allowing the Lord to have His way through His word.

Yesterday’s verse just got me!  I know I’ve read it several times before and I know it’s one of a series of verses on our refrigerator, but yesterday it hit me like a ton of bricks.  (Abridged version below).  Ahem.

Proverbs 3:7-8 says:

Don’t be impressed with your own wisdom.
Instead, fear the Lord and turn away from evil.
Then you will have healing for your body
and strength for your bones.

Healing for your body……..  I want that!  We all have our own health/body issues and the Lord is telling us how to heal them…fear the Lord and turn away from evil.

Health issues really scare me.  (There, I said it).  I have a heart arrhythmia that’s deemed non-dangerous but when it acts up (especially for hours or days on end) it can send me into a tailspin.

A lot of it the responsibility I feel in being a mother.  I’m home all day with my kids.  I have the responsibility to BE ALIVE to care for them.  So when my heart acts up or my blood sugar gets low and wonky or I feel weird or off or just not 100%, fear creeps in so fast, unfortunately.

In all of my fear, I get so often wrapped up in keeping myself alive.

If I just don’t move…

If I just lie down…

If I concentrate really hard…

If I prep Sawyer on how to get help if I need it…

If I make sure and be near a hospital…

If I make sure and have Wrex come right home from work…

If I have a backup plan…

If I, If I, If I…

It’s all on ME!  THAT is relying on my own wisdom, as if I could truly keep myself alive if I wanted to.

And He gives His people wisdom, no doubt!  I know there are common sense things I should/shouldn’t do to prevent death or an accident, but I know I so often tend to hold whatever I’m fearful of REALLY close to home and attempt to control it as best I can.  Sometimes, it works.  Scared of driving on bad roads?  Don’t go out.  But I have to learn that if it’s the Lord’s will to spare us or take us,  He will spare us or take us regardless.  I have to learn that He really is trustworthy…He hasn’t failed me yet.

Instead, fear the Lord…revere Him, honor Him, respect Him, stand in awe of Him…then you will have healing for your body.

Man, I need that.  I NEED that.


The kids have loved the kitchen set we got them for Christmas.

Adorable, right?

Adorable, right?

The other piece

The other piece

Let's cook!

Let’s cook!

We’ve gathered a lot of “food” over the past few years it seems.  One of their favorite things to do as of late is have feasts!



That's a lot of food!

That’s a lot of food!

Sawyer pulled out all the stops and hosted a feast for her and brother and some of her favorite friends.  It takes a little time to put together and clean up but it’s sure fun to gnaw on wooden cucumbers with furry guests…


We pulled out the construction paper this morning and made these with the kiddos.

Baby Moses

Baby Moses

For some reason, Wryder did NOT like having his hands traced (though it’s one of Sawyer’s favorite things in the world….go figure) and cried through the majority of the lesson.  Here’s to hoping SOMETHING soaked in…


Hubby is on his way home, the kids are napping and I’m enjoying a few moments of quiet with some coconut coffee while listening to the dryer whir as I watch little tiny snowflakes fall.
Here’s to an equally peaceful afternoon for you…

Saturday Mornings Are My Favorite

Saturday mornings are my favorite.

I love waking up to my warm, strong hubby and not having to hurry to get out of bed.  I love that he took the time to feel sweet Sayble (who is not NEAR as active as her siblings) and she responded by kicking him in the cheek.

I love hearing the kids playing and talking quietly in their rooms waiting for the ok to come downstairs…….or for us to rescue them from their crib.

I love watching them dance with daddy to “Like a Cowboy” or “God Made Girls” while I cook breakfast.

I love the conversations about all that happened on Friday while daddy was away at work.

I love the excitement to get warm clothes on to go help daddy with chores and the glee when they realize he doesn’t have to go to a sale today.

Seriously, Saturday morning joy is just PALPABLE!


My little football watching girl (praise God I have a partner to watch with!) informed daddy of all of the games going on this weekend and who we wanted to win (the Broncos, of course) and who we wanted to lose (the Patriots, of course).  We have to get to work the nursery tomorrow at church and she’s excited to don her Bronco gear, tattoos and all, and suggested we do the same.


Yesterday was Fun Friday and the kids had been so patient this week with all of the nesting going on around here that we decided to take a little road trip to Sterling.

Sawyer was, of course, sweet and happy and revved up to go.  Wryder…..not so much.  Night and day these two, I tell ya.

I wanted to snap a pic of them before we left because they’re just so stinkin’ cute and these were the best I got…

Happy and Grumpy

Happy and Grumpy

and again...

and again…

Once we got in the car, Wryder perked up a bit and by the time we got to the play place he was a happy camper!

Happy number 2

Happy number 2

On the piano slide

On the piano slide

As sweet as she is cute...

As sweet as she is cute…

After an hour and a half of playing and eating, we ventured off to Wal Mart to grab a few necessities (and clearance Christmas items) and the lady at the bakery gave the kids free cookies.  Day.  Made.


Today will be day of cupcake decorating, football watching, snuggling, playing, laughing and JOY.  Here’s to Saturday!


Random Rambles

It’s fun Friday and while the weather is cooperating beautifully – I love this cloudy stuff – poor Wryder’s not having much fun.  Little guy has been a bit fussy the past two days and today is no exception.  Pretty sure he’s got some major teeth trying to make their way in.  He has fever this morning so back to bed he went!  We’re really wanting to go watch some high school football tonight so we’re hoping he feels better soon!

Our good friends from church have a son, whom Sawyer adores, who plays football in Grant.  She’s convinced he plays for the Broncos so we’re hoping she’s not too disappointed tonight.  ;)


Speaking of the Broncos, this sweet girl has football in her blood and I am LOVING it!  Wrex isn’t the biggest fan but he’ll watch with me…just not as spiritedly.  Sawyer is my official football watching partner!

Last week, she posed the following question:

“Mom, I always wear dresses to church.  Do you think it would be ok if I wore my Broncos shirt this time??”  Of course you can!

She was fired up!  We ate lunch at Wendys and she kept yelling announcing, “Go Broncos!”  There were quite a few people that got a kick out of that (thankfully).  One gentleman asked her if she was gonna watch Peyton Manning get his 500th touchdown and she goes, “You mean Paytie?”  Apparently, they’re on a pet-name basis.

A friend of ours blessed us with some hand-me-downs for her and there was a little softball shirt inside with the number 18 on the back.  She went to put it on the other morning and came squealing downstairs, “I’m like Paytie!”  Gosh, I adore her…


On Sunday, she got to take part in her first Lord’s supper and yes, I had to take a picture.

IMG_5486It was a sweet moment, Bronco gear and all.


The bestie had her 20 week ultrasound and they’re having a….

10703785_10152746636298815_7200685928593073847_nBOY!  We’re so excited for them!  Sawyer has lots to teach baby Eva about being a big sister to a little brother….


On the pregnancy note, my nausea has subsided significantly, praise the Lord.  I’m in the “I don’t really feel pregnant just bloated” stage…t’s better than the former, for sure…


Colorado is one of the states that often skips fall (and spring for that matter) and goes straight into cold and snow, but this year we’re actually having a fall!  My flowers are still blooming and growing and we keep saying we’re gonna mow the grass “one last time” and that has yet to happen.  The trees all around are actually getting to go through the whole color change process…

It’s a wonderful change!  It’s nice to able to go outside in long sleeves or a sweatshirt without there being snow on the ground.  We’re going to soak in all of this autumnal beauty for as long as we can!


Happy Friday!

Pinterest Picks (Well, Sorta)

So, I started out by browsing through my latest pins so I could link them here.  I found some cute stuff…like this:



Is that room not divine?!?  The light…the wallpaper…the tire swing for pete’s sake – perfection!

Or this:

Oh, Wrrrrreeeeeexxxx!

Oh, Wrrrrreeeeeexxxx!

I’m thinking I need a wood beam divider…and a bigger house.  *ahem*

And then I came across these cute little guys:

Easy and cute!

Easy and cute!

I’m so ready for football season I can hardly stand it!  From there, my love of all things football and Texas Tech took over my brain.  Enjoy!

THIS needs to be in my closet!

THIS needs to be in my closet!



Would Sawyer look cute in this or what?!

Would Sawyer look cute in this or what?!

Well!  It's true!

Well! It’s true!

I think I could make this happen...

I think I could make this happen…

Our gloves are the coolest!

Our gloves are the coolest!



Yes we do!

Yes we do!





I'm thinking our flower boxes could use this...

I’m thinking our flower boxes could use this…

15 days!  I think I can make it.  ;)  Get your guns up!




Go for the Gold

With the winter Olympics kicking off, I decided to spend our preschool time giving Sawyer a quick run-down since hubby and I will probably be watching as much of them as we can.  We’re a little competitive so watching amazing athletes bring home the gold for the USA is right up our alley.

As part of our learning experience, we made a torch and a medal – gold, of course.

Isn't she a doll?

Isn’t she a doll?

She then proceeded to perform an ice skating routine…

Thanks for the costume, Maranda!

Thanks for the costume, Maranda!

We awarded her the gold, obviously!

She was proud!

She was proud!

Since she was so excited about the Olympics themselves, I dug around in the pantry and made a little spread for our watch party.

The spread...

The spread…

Mexican stack...but go USA!  ;)

Mexican stack…but go USA! ;)

 M&M's are the perfect Olympic food, due to their colors...

M&M’s are the perfect Olympic food, due to their colors…



Marshmallow skiers for Sawyer...

Marshmallow skiers for Sawyer…

I remember my mom making my brother and I “party trays” for events like this.  It wasn’t ever anything elaborate…just some lunch meat and cheese and crackers and maybe some relishes or veggies…but we got to eat them on little glass party sets and that made all the difference!

Sawyer was equally excited about our little make shift party of sorts and she LOVED watching the snowboarding trials.  She thought those girls were pretty cool…  I have to admit that I enjoy the summer games more than the winter, but now that football season is over, I’ll take what I can get.

Happy watching and go USA!


We’ll Still be Crying When the Morning Comes

We have a house full of sad Bronco fans tonight.

1551563_10153765221070335_914274848_nObviously, as Coloradoans, we were rooting for our boys, but we’re also BIG Peyton Manning fans.  He’s just such a good guy, ya know?  He’s a man of character and professionalism…despite this horrible game, he’s the best quarterback in history…and he kinda looks like my hubby.  ;)  We also can’t count out Wes Welker, a Red Raider alum – who wouldn’t love him!?

It’s just hard to watch the good guys lose, ya know?!  After Sherman’s classless tirade after the NFC championship, who WASN’T rooting for the Broncos?  Plus, we live in such a fickle world and that makes me sad for Peyton; he’s had the greatest season of his career (save for a Super Bowl win) and I can already hear the chatter.  This one bad game will overshadow his whole, incredible season.  Needless to say, after this horrific loss, we’re a little speechless…dumbfounded…teary-eyed…

IMG_3709And?  Little Wryder has a fever.  He woke up crying this morning (unusual) and was pretty cry-ey and grumpy at church (unusual).  He then woke up from nap with a 100 degree fever, hence all of the crying shots I’ve gotten of him.  We gave him a little Tylenol and sent him back to bed right after half-time.

He doesn’t know the Bronco’s lost yet, though he had to have a good idea.  He might wake up crying again in the morning…

Weekend Update

I let this happen…

IMG_2696Paint the cat got to come in the house under the condition that she didn’t let him go.  And she didn’t.  Poor cat.  They did do a little snuggling in bed, to which he purred quite contentedly.

IMG_2697Wryder had got to play dress up with sister.  This is her rendition of King Wryder.  I think he looks quite dashing.

IMG_2686I learned that I need to be a little more specific about what it means when I tell Sawyer to put her cup in the dishwasher.  I couldn’t get on to her, because she DID put her cup in the dishwasher…

IMG_2694We checked out a school auction on Saturday and came home with some fabulous finds, including quite a few old-school, pull down maps for $1!

IMG_2716And we got 36 of these beauties (for $0.11/each!) that can’t WAIT for me to paint them some fun, vibrant color.

IMG_2741WD looked quite dapper sporting orange and blue for the Broncos.  His auntie got him this CA-YOOT vest and we broke it out for the brisk fall day.

IMG_2765We did a little makeup.  And a lot of lipstick.  A looooot of lipstick.  Thankfully, momma spared Wryder from this activity.

IMG_2708I celebrated a #10 showing for the Red Raiders in the BCS standings! They’re playing some really good ball right now!  photoI can’t even begin to tell you how glad I am that Kliff Kingsbury is back in town as head coach.  He played for Mike Leach in the air raid glory days and he’s putting his spin on that style which seems to be working well for us.  Plus, he’s not too bad to look at it…

1176228_10153227924355335_1895838986_nWe mourned a Bronco loss.  :(

photoI’m not worried about them regarding their standings the rest of the season, I just really wanted Peyton to have a little taste of redemption.

All in all, a really good weekend!  We have a CRAZY, busy week and then this weekend………I get to celebrate my bestie and her sweet baby girl!


Can’t wait to see her/them!  Why-oh-why can’t Denver be in my backyard?!  And why-oh-why can’t the weekend last all week?