More Than Worth It

I love my kids…something I think you all know by now, yes?!  I love them enough that I don’t want to leave their futures’ up to chance in the event that something should (God forbid) happen to Wrex and I.  As NOT fun as it is to talk about, I’m a firm believer in being prepared so we spent the day meeting with a lawyer and drawing up our will, naming guardians, estate executors, etc.

The very thought of any of this actually having to happen just about makes me ill but I also know how very important it is.  We’ve been witness to a couple of situations where the parents were not prepared and the children ended up with guardians that weren’t desired, huge legal bills were incurred, the children were pawns in a money game…ugly, unnecessary things.

  • If you haven’t drawn up a proper will that is legal in your state, I highly encourage you to do so.  (Unfortunately, making your wishes known on a piece of paper shoved in your fire safe doesn’t stand up in court, even if notarized.)  It literally took about two hours to get this drawn up, signed and printed; time well spent.
  • Take the time to pray and ask the Lord who you should name as guardians of your children in the event you both pass on and have your spouse do the same.  The Lord will not impress something on one of you and something different to the other.
  • Find someone you know and trust that will have your family’s best interests at heart to act as the executor of your estate and a financial genius to act as your trustee.
  • Invest in life insurance.  For you younguns, a million dollar term life policy for someone in good health is running about $1 a day…TOTALLY doable…so do it!

We had put this off long enough and I have sooooooo much peace that this is done.  My plan is to be around for a long, long, long, long time and have a few more babies…but we’re never guaranteed tomorrow.  We did, however, want to guarantee that our children would be taken care of to the best of our abilities in our absence.  These {sweet, cute, kissable} faces are MORE than worth it!


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