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DIY: Rice Krispie Treat Pumpkins

Each week at Cubbies, one of the little cuties is responsible for bringing back the cookie bucket full of, well, cookies for snack time.  This week was Sawyer’s week.  (Don’t tell me you’re surprised that I signed up for a fun week…)  You don’t have to bring cookies so we decided to make Rice Krispie treat pumpkins and they turned out really cute!

You’ll need:

  • 3 Tablespoons butter
  • 1 package of marshmallows
  • 5 cups of Rice Krispie cereal
  • orange food coloring
  • 15 mini Tootsie Rolls

1.) Melt down your butter and marshmallows over medium heat.



2.) Add in the food coloring and then coat your Krispies.

Halloween in a bowl

Halloween in a bowl

3.) While these cool, unwrap your Tootsie Rolls.

You should eat a few for good measure

You should eat a few for good measure

4.) Coat your hands in butter and shape your Krispies into a ball of sorts.


Note the buttery hands

5.) Make a well and insert the Tootsie Roll in top.  We curved ours for a little character.

Perfect pumpkins

Purdy pumpkins

These are super easy and super cute!  Are you seeing a theme here regarding the kinds of projects I like?  :)


Birthday Goodies

If you’ll recall, my birthday was back in September and my family spoiled me rotten!  Apparently, they weren’t done.  We made a quick trip to Denver this weekend and Wrexy informed me that we had to make a little detour.  He had conspired with a friend and bought me some amazing, old, chippy farmhouse doors and a lovely little table!  (See what I mean – he’s the BEST.)

IMG_1840 IMG_1839 IMG_1838 IMG_1836 IMG_1837IMG_2885 IMG_2886That table is going to spend some time at MOPS but then?  Oh, I have plans for it!  What do you think I should do with those RAD doors?  Send me your ideas!

Help My Unbelief

I’m currently doing a Precepts Bible study on Joseph with my church and it is SO good.  Man alive.  So good.  I love these studies because they use the Word to prove the validity of the Word.  How can ya beat that?!

The end of last night’s homework had us examine who God is and it’s one of the most well-written lists of His attributes I’ve ever seen.  The writer said,

You need to know, in order to trust Him.

So true, yes?  I want Sawyer and Wryder to get an accurate view of the Lord.  I want them to see Him for all of these good things that He is and oh, how I want them to trust Him!  As their mom, I have to 1.) believe those things of Him myself and 2.) act like Him.  For a while now, I’ve realized that my view of Him isn’t entirely accurate.  I’ve listened to the lies of satan and have succumbed to the (not) fact that He’s a mean, punishing, vengeful, better-be-on-your-best-behavior-or-I-will-kill-you-off, game-playing kind of God.  (Just reading that sounds APPALLING.  How in the world is that love and how in the world would I ever love Him in return??!?!)  Working on that.  Because if you search His Word that isn’t Him at all.

When we speak of God’s attributes, we are speaking of His essential being or character.  His character is a composition of all His attributes.  In other words, when we talk about one of God’s attributes, we are not talking about a part of His being, but rather His whole character.  For example, God is love…but not just a part of Him is love.  Love is the essence of His being; however, He is also wrathful.  One attribute does not contradict the other, rather they make God who He is.  Therefore, whenever God acts in any given situation, all His attributes are used simultaneously in perfect harmony.  He never suspends one so He can use another.

Great explanation, yes?!  Now I just need to drill it into my head and drop it into my heart.

  • He is omniscient.  God knows all.  He has perfect knowledge of everything that is past, present or future. (Job 37:16, Psalm 139:1-6)
  • He is omnipotent.  God possesses all power.  He is able to bring about anything that He has decided to do with or without the use of any source beyond Himself. (Job 42:2, Psalm 33:6-9)
  • He is omnipresent.  God is present everywhere, in all the universe, at all times, in the totality of His character. (Proverbs 15:3, Jeremiah 23:23-24)
  • He is eternal.  God has no beginning, and He has no end.  He is not confined to the finiteness of time or to man’s reckoning of time.  He is, in fact, the cause of time. (Deuteronomy 32:40, Revelation 1:8, Isaiah 57:15)
  • He’s immutable.  God is always the same in His nature, His character and His will.  He never changes, and He can never be made to change. (Malachi 3:6, Hebrews 13:8)
  • He is incomprehensible.  Because God is God, He is beyond the understanding of man.  His ways, character and acts are higher than man’s.  Man only understands as God chooses to reveal Himself, His ways or His purposes. (Job 11:7, Romans 11:33)
  • He is self-existent.  God depends upon nothing for His existence beyond Himself.  The whole basis of His existence is withing Himself.  At one time, nothing but God Himself existed.  He added nothing to Himself by creation. (John 1:1-3, Exodus 3:14, John 5:26)
  • He is self-sufficient.  Within Himself, God is able to act, that is, to bring about His will without any assistance.  Although He may choose to use assistance, it is His good pleasure, not His need, that governs that choice. (Romans 11:36, Psalm 50:7-12)
  • He is infinite.  God has no limits or bounds whatsoever in His person or dominion. (1 Kings 8:27, Psalm 145:3)
  • He is transcendent.  God is above His creation, and He would exist if there were no creation.  His existence is totally apart from His creatures or creation. (Isaiah 43:10, 55:8-9)
  • He is sovereign.  God is totally, supremely, preeminently over all His creation.  There is not a person or thing that has escaped His control and foreknown plan. (Psalm 103:19, Daniel 4:34-35, Isaiah 40:23)
  • He is gracious.  God is a God of grace and always operates on the basis of His graciousness. (Exodus 34:6-7, Luke 2:40, 2 Corinthians 12:9)
  • He is righteous.  God is always good.  It is essential to His character.  He always does the right thing.  Ultimately, since He is God, whatever He does is right…He is the absolute.  His actions are always consistent with His character…which is love. (Deuteronomy 32:4, Psalm 110:142)
  • He is merciful.  God is an actively compassionate being.  He responds compassionately toward those who have opposed His will in their pursuit of their own way. (Psalm 62:12, 86:15, 106:44-45)
  • He is long-suffering.  God’s righteous anger is slow to be kindled against those who fail to listen to His warnings or to obey His instructions.  His eternal longing for the highest good for His creatures holds back His holy justice. (Numbers 14:18, 2 Peter 3:9)
  • He is wise. God’s actions are based on His character.  His wisdom causes Him to choose righteous ends and to make the most fitting plans to achieve those ends. (Isaiah 40:28, Daniel 2:20)
  • He is loving.  God’s love moves Him to give Himself for another, even to the laying down of His own life.  His love causes Him to desire His creatures’ highest good.  This love is not based upon the worth, response, or merit of the object being loved. (Romans 5:8, 1 John 4:8, Ephesians 3:17-19)
  • He is good.  In His goodness God gives to others, not according to what they deserve but according to His good will and kindness toward them. (2 Chronicles 5:13, Psalm 106:1)
  • He is wrathful.  There is within God a hatred for all that is unrighteous and an unquenchable desire to punish all unrighteousness.  Whatever is inconsistent with His holy standard must ultimately be atoned for or consumed. (Romans 1:18, John 3:36, Revelation 15:7)
  • He is truthful.  All that God says is reality.  Whether believed by man or not, whether seen as reality or not, what God has spoken is reality.  Whatever He speaks is truth. (Numbers 23:19, Titus 1:2, John 17:17)
  • He is faithful.  God is always true to His promises.  He can never draw back from His promises of blessing or of judgment.  Since He cannot lie, He is totally steadfast to what He has spoken. (Deuteronomy 7:9, 2 Timothy 2:13)
  • He is jealous.  God is unwilling to share what is rightfully and morally His with any other creature. (Exodus 34:14, Isaiah 42:8)
  • He is holy.  God is a morally excellent, perfect being.  He is totally other than man!  His is purity of being in every aspect. (Leviticus 10:2, Job 34:10, Isaiah 47:4, Isaiah 57:15)
  • He is just. God is fair in all of His actions.  Whether He deals with man, angels or demons, He acts in total equity by rewarding righteousness and punishing sin.  Since He knows all, every decree is absolutely just. (Psalm 89:14, Numbers 14:18, Romans 9:14)

I want to get this and to believe this.  Not just say it.  Not just memorize it.  Not just agree with it.  Not just type it out on my blog.  I want to believe it.   I want to have confidence in the fact that this IS who my God is…and I want to live in a fashion to reflects that.  I want my children to be witness to a mom that loves the Lord and who tries her best to mirror His attributes; a mom who is loving and trustworthy and merciful and gracious and long-suffering and truthful and wise; a mom who lives under the authority of the One who is perfect in all things and in all ways and who loves her despite her shortcomings and who desires GOOD for her; a mom that trusts Him explicitly…..because He’s worthy of our trust…and He’s worthy of their trust.

There it is, your immutable God who never changes.  His character can never be altered – nor His response; God never acts contrary to Himself.  What peace, what security, what confidence this should bring to your heart and mind.  Therefore, anytime you meet a biblical doctrine that you cannot fully understand or explain, or anytime you come across a situation in life that is difficult to understand, run to the shelter of the character and sovereignty of your God and rest quietly in these solid, immutable, eternal truths.  Rest and order your affairs accordingly.

We will believe, Lord…me and my children and my children’s children and to a thousand generations…we will believe and we will live like we believe.

**All quotes and list of attributes are from the Precept Upon Precept study on Joseph – Keeping Your Focus When Your Dreams are Shattered**

One Little, Two Little. . .Indians

After a friend sent me this overly adorable costume for little Wryder (thanks, Emily!!)

This is not Wryder.  ;)

This is not Wryder. ;)

I knew I wanted Sawyer to be an indian with him.  Our church’s harvest carnival was this afternoon and we found her costume…….yesterday.  (Phew.)  Nonna let us borrow one she had and I was just gonna take it and add a little fluff/beads/fringe…until Wrexy came across this little number at the thrift store.



It was PERFECT (and needed no extra work, mind you!)  I threw together a head dress, painted a couple of stripes, threw on a bow and arrow……and the CUTEST little indian I’ve ever seen made her debut!

Seriously, the weaponry made the outfit

Seriously, the weaponry made the outfit

I thought the carnival started at 3:00, so we ate an earlier lunch with the thought that the kids would still get a decent little nap in before we had to leave.  I fibbed (oopsie!) and told Sawyer that Mr. Russ (our pastor) said that all the kids had to take a nap or they couldn’t come to the carnival, so she snuggled right down!  Then, I decided to check the official start time.  Good thing I did!  It started at 2:00!  So, no nap for Sawyer.  We got up and got around and dashed out the door.  As we were driving, she said, “Will you still tell Mr. Russ I slept good?”  HAHAHAHA  Oh, geez.

Pretty sure anybody would let this face into the carnival..

Pretty sure anybody would let this face into the carnival, nap or not.

Daddy fixed Wryder’s costume so I could wear him in the baby bjourn but have it look like an actual papoose.

He rocked it.

He rocked it.

He was thrilled - really!

He was thrilled – really!

I love these 2 little indians...

I love these 2 little indians…

Sawyer played A LOT of games and got A LOT of loot!

Searching for pennies

Searching for pennies

Tossing balls

Tossing balls

ANY game with Kenyon is fun in her book!

ANY game with Kenyon is fun in her book!

Bean bag toss

Bean bag toss

She won a root beer!  IS there a better prize?  Not in her world!

She won a root beer! IS there a better prize? Not in her world!

She got to help drive Mr. Koop’s horses, Rose and Ruby!

She was a happy girl!

She was a happy girl!

Super fun time with super fun people – how do ya beat that?!  Thursday, we’ll head back to Grant to trick-or-treat downtown and then head home for our annual Phipps Family Camp In!  Until then, we’ll attempt to get a little rest under our belts…


Harvest carnival casualty

I’m a Puddle

I’m calling this one a “win” for the mom column!

Click on the link below for a cuteness overload…


Sawyer’s first word was “moo” (totally not kidding) followed by “dada”…and then, 3 months later, “momma.”  (Hey, at least she said it!)

ALL day today he’s been murmuring it over and over and not just when he cries.  I’m a puddle.

It’s Sick Season, Eh?

Yep.  It’s here.  In full force.  Ugh.

IMG_2871Sawyer had a runny nose this week, but we didn’t think to much of it…until she woke up crying Wednesday night saying her chest hurt.  By Thursday morning, she was ILL.  Poor baby has a pretty nasty case of bronchitis.  Having a sick kiddo is really hard on a momma’s heart.

We let little miss snuggle with us yesterday morning because she was flat miserable and struggling to breathe.  She ended up falling in and out of sleep and I snapped this picture as I clung to the edge of the bed for dear life.  (How do such small things take up so much space?!?)

IMG_2825This one of many reasons we don’t allow kids in the bed.  HA!

If you read this, pray for her healing and for protection for little Wryder Roo. 

Sickness flee, in the name of Jesus!  Breathe Your breath into her, Lord.


DIY: Felt Flowers

How cute are these felt flowers?


They are SUPER simple (and cheap!) to make and you can do countless things with them.  All you need to create this flower is:


  • 1 sheet of felt (your color choice)
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • A round object for tracing
  • Hot glue gun

Step 1: Trace out 6 circles onto the felt.

IMG_2851I used the big end of a coffee cup to make these and ended up with about a 4″ flower.  Then, flip the cup over and cut a smaller circle; you’ll adhere your flowers petals to this smaller circle.

Step 2: Cut out all of your circles.

IMG_2852Step 3: Fold your circles in half, like a taco.  (Yummmm….tacos….)

IMG_2854Step 4: Place a decent sized dot of hot glue in the bottom middle of your taco.

IMG_2855Step 5: Fold your felt taco in half again and pinch it at the bottom.  Allow the glue to dry completely.

IMG_2856You’ll end up with a twirly, cone shape.  Cute, yes?  This is your first petal.  Repeat this with all six of your big circles.

Step 6: Glue four of your petals onto the small circle.

IMG_2858It should look like this once all four are glued on.

IMG_2859Step 7: Put a well of hot glue in the middle of these four petals. 

IMG_2861Step 8: Add the two remaining petals (standing up as opposed to flat) to the center of the flower.

IMG_2863Seriously, aren’t these the cutest?!  You can do sooooo much with them!  I added these guys to a cute frame project I’m working on.

IMG_2864You can make them into name tags, necklaces, package decor – anything you can think of!  If you decide to give these a whirl, let me know what you make with them!



Wascally Wabbit

Sawyer has REALLY gotten into texting these days.  Maybe I should say “texting.”  She’ll ask to send daddy a text while he’s at work and so I’ll let her type something out and “hit the blue button.”  It usually look something like this:


And then she’ll tell me what it means.  Yesterday, it meant this: “Bring me home a real animal rabbit present and a real goat and a real slug sock. Eww. Or a pheasant.”


Well, lo and behold, our animal loving, highly connected, petting zoo keeper of a dad brought home a “surprise” for Sawyer.  (Have I mentioned that she’s got him good?  Oh, I have?  Good.)

IMG_2812He’s seems quite cute and content…until you go to pick him up.  Then, not so much.  We’ll have to work on that.

IMG_2807She loves him, can you tell?  She was seriously so excited.  The magic text worked!

IMG_2806We fed him some hay and petted on him quite a bit.

IMG_2813She introduced him to all of her kitties and then they all danced together.  I’m pretty sure 90% of all of our animals will need a shoulder replaced before they die…

IMG_2809He doesn’t have a name yet and even though I keep referring to him as “he,” I’m not even sure of that.  She wanted to name him “Pick-up Truck.”  We’ll see if that sticks.

Moral of the story: if you’re cute and sweet and send your daddy texts during the day, he’ll bring you home a rabbit!  (I guess I can be thankful it wasn’t the slug sock…)

Weekend Update

I let this happen…

IMG_2696Paint the cat got to come in the house under the condition that she didn’t let him go.  And she didn’t.  Poor cat.  They did do a little snuggling in bed, to which he purred quite contentedly.

IMG_2697Wryder had got to play dress up with sister.  This is her rendition of King Wryder.  I think he looks quite dashing.

IMG_2686I learned that I need to be a little more specific about what it means when I tell Sawyer to put her cup in the dishwasher.  I couldn’t get on to her, because she DID put her cup in the dishwasher…

IMG_2694We checked out a school auction on Saturday and came home with some fabulous finds, including quite a few old-school, pull down maps for $1!

IMG_2716And we got 36 of these beauties (for $0.11/each!) that can’t WAIT for me to paint them some fun, vibrant color.

IMG_2741WD looked quite dapper sporting orange and blue for the Broncos.  His auntie got him this CA-YOOT vest and we broke it out for the brisk fall day.

IMG_2765We did a little makeup.  And a lot of lipstick.  A looooot of lipstick.  Thankfully, momma spared Wryder from this activity.

IMG_2708I celebrated a #10 showing for the Red Raiders in the BCS standings! They’re playing some really good ball right now!  photoI can’t even begin to tell you how glad I am that Kliff Kingsbury is back in town as head coach.  He played for Mike Leach in the air raid glory days and he’s putting his spin on that style which seems to be working well for us.  Plus, he’s not too bad to look at it…

1176228_10153227924355335_1895838986_nWe mourned a Bronco loss.  :(

photoI’m not worried about them regarding their standings the rest of the season, I just really wanted Peyton to have a little taste of redemption.

All in all, a really good weekend!  We have a CRAZY, busy week and then this weekend………I get to celebrate my bestie and her sweet baby girl!


Can’t wait to see her/them!  Why-oh-why can’t Denver be in my backyard?!  And why-oh-why can’t the weekend last all week?

Fun, Fuzzy Surprise

We woke up to a really fun, fuzzy surprise!  Out of habit, I peaked out the kitchen window to see if the baby calf had made it’s way out of the womb and into the world…and turns out – he did!

Isn't he adorable?!

Welcome to the world, little guy!

Sawyer and I ran to the bedroom to get daddy and we all threw our shoes on and ran outside.  All of the other ladies came to dote on the new baby along with us.

Isn't that what WE do with a new birth, too?

Isn’t that what WE do with a new birth, too?

His momma is a little snarly motherly.  This picture was her charging at me for the umpteenth time.  She did NOT want me anywhere near him and was prepared to take me out.

Get back!

Get back!

I was armed and ready with my sorting stick…and a fence.

Not a big fan of being walloped.

Not a big fan of being walloped

Daddy got her away and got iodine on the baby’s navel and off we went to church!  He had sucked before we’d even gotten out there this morning but showed us he knew how just so we felt even better about leaving him.  She seems a little embarrassed about nursing in public (note the ear) but she stood for him.

Good eater

He’s a good eater

New life of any kind is an absolute miracle and man, I need life.  This world is so full of injustices; injustices that are hard on my heart.  Satan’s on the warpath out to kill, steal and destroy and as hard as it to comprehend, the Lord allows some of this to happen.  In His sovereignty, He could stop it…but for whatever reason, He doesn’t always.  In our little world alone, there have been moms and babies taken too early, cancer found too late, kids in the system who end up in abusive homes, brain tumors that are growing – and those are just the biggies (in the past WEEK, mind you) that have been weighing on our hearts and minds.  I’m the first to admit that I.don’t.get.it.  I don’t understand…and maybe I won’t this side of heaven.  So I have to turn to what I believe as true.  I have the Word.  And it says the He comes to give life and life abundantly.  Lord, I need that life…and I needed to see this little life this morning.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.


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